9.31 — Accompanied by manifestation


9.31.1 Element information Link to RDA Toolkit Sources of information

9.31.2 RDA definition and scope A manifestation that is issued with another manifestation, without any relationship to its content.

9.31.21 DCRMR elaboration of scope A manifestation physically separate from and issued simultaneously (or nearly so) with another manifestation and intended to be used together with it. See Issued with ( for manifestations issued on the same carrier.

9.31.3 General rule Always record this relationship as an unstructured note, beginning with “Accompanied by” followed by a colon. Record the location of accompanying material if considered important. For accompanying material issued in a pocket, see 9.31.31. Record the name of the material, preceded by the number of physical units if considered important.

Accompanied by: 1 price list Optionally, record the physical description of accompanying material in parentheses following its name, in this order:

  1. Extent of manifestation (see 6.21.421.1)

  2. Other details of physical description, such as Illustrative content (see; Color content (see, etc.

  3. Dimensions of the manifestation (see

Accompanied by: 1 atlas (38 pages, 19 leaves of plates : colored maps ; 37 cm)

Accompanied by: Index to cities and towns, populations, and mileage by automobile highway from Columbus Circle (B’way and 59th St.) New York City (1 sheet ; 42 x 67 cm) Record additional details if considered important.

Accompanied by: Star guide (1 sheet ; 12 x 36 cm), previously published separately in 1744 Optionally, record an access point for manifestation for the related manifestation(s) in addition to the note.

9.31.31 Issued in pocket If accompanying material is illustrative content and is issued in a pocket attached to a manifestation, always specify the location in Details of illustrative content (see

Accompanied by manifestation: Accompanied by: 2 folded maps
Details on illustrative content: Maps in pocket on inside back cover For non-illustrative accompanying material issued in a pocket, specify the location in an unstructured note (see

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