9.01.1 Sources of information Take information recorded in notes from any source (see Data provenance, 0.1.5). Square brackets are required only for interpolations within quoted material.

9.01.3 Form and order of information If information in a note corresponds to information found in the Title, Statement of responsibility, Edition, Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, Physical description, or Series elements, usually give the elements of information in the order in which they appear in DCRMR. Some of the most common types of notes are listed in this chapter; notes other than those provided for may be made if considered important. Specific applications of many of these notes are provided in the preceding chapters. Make notes as called for in the following subrules. When appropriate, combine two or more notes to make one note.

9.01.4 General rule Notes qualify and amplify the formal description, and are especially important for recording types of information not accounted for in other data elements. Notes can therefore deal with any aspect of the resource and its description. If the description in other manifestation elements does not clearly identify the resource being cataloged, make whatever notes are necessary for unambiguous identification. When appropriate, refer to detailed descriptions in standard bibliographic or reference sources. Provide sufficient information to identify the specific source, whether using a general note, a formal “References” note giving the source in prescribed form, or some combination of the two (see Manifestation described by, Notes may also be made to justify access points for subjects, personal or corporate names, titles, genres/forms, physical characteristics, provenance, etc. Whenever possible, use terms taken from controlled vocabularies when making such notes and added entries. Prefer the terminology used in RBMS Controlled Vocabularies or Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms for Library and Archival Materials. Terms from other authorized vocabularies (e.g., Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online) may also be used.

9.01.5 Required notes In general, notes are not required, but some notes are required in particular situations and are so indicated in instructions (e.g., Note on the source of the title proper, and Transposed statements of responsibility,


9.05 — Note on RDA entity

9.1 — Note on work

9.12 — Dissertation or thesis information

9.121 — Academic degree

9.122 — Degree granting institution

9.123 — Year degree granted

9.2 — Note on expression

9.23 — Language of expression

9.24 — Script

9.245 — Details of script

9.25 — Summarization of content

9.3 — Note on manifestation

9.32 — Manifestation described by

9.33 — Supplementary content

9.34 — On carrier unit with

9.4 — Note on item

9.41 — Modification of item

9.42 — Custodial history of item

9.425 — Immediate source of acquisition of item

9.43 — Note on extent of item

9.44 — Note on dimensions of item

9.45 — Bound with

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