6.235 — Details of color content


6.235.1 Element information [Note: element removed from RDA Toolkit] Sources of information

6.235.2 RDA definition and scope Details of the presence of colour, tone, etc., embodied by a manifestation.

6.235.3 General rule Make a note on details of color content if considered important (see Color content).

6.235.31 Details of printed color If both the text and illustrations are printed in a single color, make a note on the color of the ink if considered important (see Color content,

Printed in green throughout Make a note on the color of the ink in textual matter if considered important (see Color content,

Title and preliminary pages are printed in red and black ink

Printed in red, blue and black

Quaderno 3 printed in dark blue ink; quaderno 4 printed in dark red ink; nuevo ser. n. 1 issued in black, blue, red, purple and green inks; ott. 1976 printed in purple ink; febbr. 10, 1977 printed in medium blue ink For incunabula, always record color printing if present (see Color content,

6.235.33 Details of hand coloring If publisher-issued hand coloring has been recorded as Color content, always make a note to indicate that the resource was hand colored before distribution (see Record the evidence used to determine that the hand coloring was applied before distribution, if it is not recorded in another part of the description.

Details of color content: With hand-colored wood engravings, as issued
Color content: hand colored
(Comment: Title contains statement “with brightly-colored pictures”)

Details of color content: Lithographs are hand colored, as issued
Color content: hand colored If there is strong evidence that some copies of the resource were issued with hand coloring applied before distribution, and some without, record this information as details of color content (see Color content,

“Price 25 cents plain, 37 1/2 cents colored.”–Foot of title page

“Price 1s. colored, 6d. Uncolored.”–Following imprint Exercise caution in recording the colors employed in hand coloring. Record such information only if there is strong evidence describing the coloring scheme employed by the publisher. Do not assume that a coloring scheme used in one exemplar of the manifestation is representative of the coloring scheme for all exemplars. Record details of color for a hand-colored item as Modification of item if considered important (see

6.235.35 Base material Make a note on the color of base material (e.g., paper) if considered important (see Color content,

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