10.2.1 Element information Link to RDA Toolkit Sources of information

10.2.2 RDA definition and scope A nomen that is an appellation of manifestation that consists of a code, number, or other string, usually independent of natural language and social naming conventions, used to identify a manifestation. An identifier for the manifestation includes registered identifiers from internationally recognized schemes, other identifiers assigned by publishers and others following internally devised schemes, identifiers known as fingerprints constructed by combining groups of characters from specified pages of early printed resources, publisher’s numbers for notated music, and plate numbers for notated music.

10.2.3 General rule Record identifiers associated with a manifestation if considered important.

10.2.31 Standard number Record the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) according to the form specified in relevant encoding standards. Optionally, record more than one number, followed by a brief qualification as necessary (see 10.2.32). Give a number for a complete set before the number(s) for the part(s). Give numbers for parts in the order of the parts. Give a number for accompanying material last.

ISBN 0-379-00550-6 (set)
ISBN 0-379-00551-4 (v. 1)
ISBN 0-379-00552-2 (v. 2)
ISBN 0-379-00553-0 (v. 3)
ISBN 0-379-00554-9 (v. 4)

ISBN 0-688-11667-1 (trade)
ISBN 0-688-11668-X (lib. bdg.)

ISBN 1-844-60311-3 (v. 1 ; pbk.)
ISBN 1-844-60310-5 (v. 2 ; pbk.)

(Comment: Example formatted with ISBD punctuation for clarity)

10.2.32 Qualification Optionally, add qualifications (including the type of binding) to the ISBN. Additionally, if volumes in a set have different ISBNs, follow each ISBN with the designation of the volume to which it applies.

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