6.355.1 Element information

6.355.1.1 Link to RDA Toolkit

6.355.1.2 Sources of information

6.355.2 RDA definition and scope

6.355.2.1 A note on manifestation that provides information on attributes of a carrier of a manifestation.

6.355.3 General rule

6.355.3.1 Record additional information that applies to all exemplars of the manifestation or particular groups of exemplars of an edition or issue as a Note on carrier. Record information pertaining to individual items as a Modification of item (see

6.355.3.2 Make a Note on carrier that combines descriptions from Details of base material (, Details of applied material (, or Details of production method ( if considered important. This note may be recorded in addition to information recorded as Details of base material, Details of applied material, or Details of production method.

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