6.27.1 Element information Link to RDA Toolkit Sources of information

6.27.2 RDA definition and scope A process used to produce a manifestation.

6.27.3 General rule Record the process or technique used to produce the manifestation if considered important. Prefer a term from the RDA Value Vocabularies: RDA Production Method, such as:

  • engraving
  • etching
  • printing If none of the terms in the RDA vocabulary is appropriate, record another suitable term from a standardized vocabulary (such as the printing and printing processes and techniques hierarchy of the Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online) and indicate its source.

Production method: intaglio printing
Source code of term: aat

(Comment: Example includes the MARC source code of term for clarity) When multiple techniques or processes are identified in a manifestation, record as many terms as appropriate, with the predominant one, if any, first.


(Comment: Print done in aquatint with some etching) Make a note recording more detailed descriptions of the processes or techniques used to produce a manifestation in Details of production method if considered important (see

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