10.22.1 Element information Link to RDA Toolkit Sources of information

10.22.2 RDA definition and scope A condition under which a distributor, manufacturer, producer, or publisher will normally supply a manifestation. Includes a price of a manifestation.

10.22.21 DCRMR elaboration of scope Use for publisher-supplied statements of availability in modern materials. Statements in early printed materials containing a price or other information on availability may be recorded in a Note on manifestation.

10.22.3 General rule If the manifestation bears a price or other terms of availability, record the information if considered important.

At foot of half title, in square brackets: “Price one shilling and six-pence”

Above imprint on title page, in square brackets: “Price 3d. - or twelve for 2s. 6d.”

10.22.31 Qualification Optionally, add qualifications (including the type of binding) to the terms of availability.

“(Price 6d. in gilt paper.-9d. bound)”‐‐below imprint on title page

Below imprint on title page, in square brackets: “Price two shillings, sewed”

“Presented, gratis, to subscribers; to non-subscribers, price one shilling”‐‐below imprint on title page

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