5.325 — Parallel name of manufacturer


5.325.1 Element information

5.325.1.1 Link to RDA Toolkit

5.325.1.2 Sources of information

5.325.2 RDA definition and scope

5.325.2.1 A nomen that is a name of manufacturer in another language or script.

5.325.31 Manufacturer names in more than one language or script

5.325.31.1 Take parallel manufacturers’ names from the same source as the Name of manufacturer. Make a Note on manufacture statement on parallel manufacturers’ names found elsewhere if considered important (see Note on manufacture statement,

5.325.31.2 Make a Note on manufacture statement to indicate the original position on the source of any transposed statements (see

5.325.31.3 If the Name of manufacturer appears in more than one language or script, transcribe the place in the language or script of the Title proper as a Name of manufacturer element. If this criterion does not apply, transcribe the Name of manufacturer that appears first.

5.325.31.4 Transcribe remaining Names of manufacturer as parallel names of manufacturer. If a parallel name of manufacturer is from a different source than the Name of manufacturer, make a Note on manufacture statement if considered important (see Note on manufacture,

5.325.31.5 Optionally, if the parallel names of manufacturer are too numerous to list exhaustively and some may be omitted without significant loss of identification then all parallel manufacturers’ names after the third may be omitted. In such cases, after the third parallel name of distributor, supply in square brackets a phrase in the language and script of the cataloging agency to convey the extent of the omission. Include the number of omitted names (if more than one) in the supplied phrase. Do not use a mark of omission.

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