3.26 — Note on edition statement


3.26.1 Element information Link to RDA Toolkit Sources of information

3.26.2 RDA definition and scope A note on manifestation that provides information on an edition of a manifestation.

3.26.31 Source and position of edition statement Always note the source of any element of the Edition statement when it is taken from elsewhere than the preferred source of information (see 3.01.1,,, and

The statement “corrected printing” from colophon

Designation of edition: [1st printing]
Note on edition statement: Number line on title page verso indicates 1st printing: “10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1”
(Comment: Example follows alternative rule to create a separate bibliographic description for an individual impression or state) Always note the original position of any element that is transposed to another position in transcription (see,,,,,,, and

The statement “amplified edition” precedes title on title page

Edition statement precedes author’s name on title page

3.26.32 No edition statement Always record edition information, such as an Edition statement that is provided by a reference source, for resources not containing an edition statement, but known to contain significant changes from other editions as a note on edition statement (see

“Sixth edition”–Tchemerizine, v. 6, p. 117-131 Make a note on statements referring to other editions (e.g., as part of a preface to an earlier edition or a summary of the work’s publication history) if considered important (see

3.26.34 Edition statements relating to issues or parts Make a note on edition statement relating to issues or parts of a multipart monograph, if the manifestation consists of multiple issues or parts and there are edition statements relating to the whole as well as to the parts. Record the edition statement relating to the whole manifestation as an Edition statement (see

3.26.35 Nonce collections Make a note on edition statement of differences in edition statements from one part to another in nonce collections (volumes made up of previously published pamphlets, usually reissued with a collective title page) (see If edition statements of parts vary between exemplars of a manifestation, record the edition statements of the item in hand relating to individual parts in a Note on item (see and

Set made up of various editions: v. 1, 10th ed.; v. 3, 4th ed., corr.; v. 7, 3d ed., corr.; v. 9-11, 2d ed.

Imprint varies: v. 4-5, Printed for Charles Bathurst and Lawton Gilliver; v. 7-8, Printed for T. Woodward and C. Davis; v. 9-11, Printed for C. Davis and C. Bathurst

3.26.36 Edition statements on multipart monographs If the Edition statement varies or does not appear on all volumes of a multipart monograph, and it was issued as such, always make a note on edition statement explaining which edition statement appears on which volume and/or indicating the absence of edition statements (see and

V. 2 issued without an edition statement

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