6.26 — Applied material


6.26.1 Element information Link to RDA Toolkit Sources of information

6.26.2 RDA definition and scope A physical or chemical substance applied to a base material of a manifestation.

6.26.3 General rule Record an applied material of the manifestation if considered important. Use one or more terms from the RDA Value Vocabularies: RDA Material and indicate the source.


watercolor If none of the terms in the RDA vocabulary is appropriate, record a suitable term from another standardized vocabulary and indicate its source.

gold leaf When multiple applied materials are identified in a manifestation, record as many terms as appropriate, with the predominant one, if any, first. If a manifestation is known to have multiple applied materials but not all can be readily identified, record mixed materials. Record more detailed descriptions of the applied materials used to produce the manifestation as Details of applied material if considered important (see

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