1.215 — Parallel title proper


1.215.1 Element information Link to RDA Toolkit Sources of information

1.215.2 RDA definition and scope A nomen that is a title proper in another language or script.

1.215.31 Order and source of parallel titles proper Transcribe parallel titles proper in the order indicated by their sequence on, or by the layout of, the title page.

Title proper: Il mercurio italico, o sia, Ragguaglio generale intorno alla letterature, belle arti, utili scoperte, ec. di tutta l’Italia
Parallel title proper: The Italian mercury, or, A general account concerning the literature, fine arts, useful discoveries, &c. of all Italy For a translation, if the title in the original language does not appear on the title page but does appear elsewhere in the manifestation, transcribe it in a Note on title if considered important (see

1.215.32 Language of parallel titles and relationship to title proper Transcribe an original title in a language different from that of the Title proper that appears on the title page as a parallel title proper, unless it is grammatically inseparable from another part of the description.

Title proper: Fables
Parallel title proper: Fabulae

Title proper: Tefilot lerosh hashanah or The evening and morning service for the beginning of the year Transcribe as Other title information an earlier title in the same language as the Title proper that appears on the title page.

Title proper: The adventures of Red Riding Hood
Other title information: Little Red Riding Hood

1.215.33 Title access for parallel titles proper Title access plays an important role in enabling users to identify and locate special collections materials. Optionally, provide title access for parallel titles proper (see Title of manifestation, 1.2.32).

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