10.21.1 Element information Link to RDA Toolkit Sources of information

10.21.2 RDA definition and scope A nomen that is an identifier for manifestation of an early printed resource that consists of a sequence of characters from sources of information specified by an established scheme.

10.21.3 General rule If considered important, record the fingerprint derived according to a published standard. Identify the scheme used for recording the fingerprint. (For further information on this method of identification and recommended forms of recording it, see Fingerprints = Empreintes = Impronte, supplemented by Nouvelles des empreintes = Fingerprint Newsletter, or Vriesema, P.C.A. “The STCN Fingerprint.”)

163704 - b1 A2 ,$en : b2 I2 a,$
Content standard: stcnf

p.n, n,re t.n. waOh 7 1651A
Content standard: fei

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