6.29 — Bibliographic format


6.29.1 Element information Link to RDA Toolkit Sources of information

6.29.2 RDA definition and scope A proportional relationship between a whole sheet in a printed or manuscript resource, and the individual leaves that result if that sheet is left full, cut, or folded.

6.29.3 General rule For hand-press publications, record the bibliographic format of the manifestation whenever the format can be determined. Optionally, give the format also for machine-press publications. Record the format using one or more terms from the RDA Value Vocabularies: RDA Bibliographic Format. Use “full-sheet” for manifestations made up of unfolded sheets.

(Comment: A publication in quarto)

Bibliographic format: 4to
Bibliographic format: 8vo
(Comment: A publication consisting of a mixture of quarto and octavo sheets) If none of the terms in the RDA vocabulary is appropriate, record a suitable term from another standardized vocabulary and indicate its source. Record more detailed descriptions of bibliographic format in Details of bibliographic format if considered important (see For instructions on recording bibliographic format as part of a statement of full collation, see Note on extent of manifestation,

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