9.43 — Note on extent of item


9.43.1 Element information Link to RDA Toolkit Sources of information

9.43.2 RDA definition and scope A note on item that provides information on the extent of an item.

9.43.3 General rule For general rules on constructing item-specific notes see Note on item ( Always record item-specific imperfections that alter its extent (see Extent of manifestation, 6.21.428.1).

Copy 1: Imperfect: leaves 12 and 13 (b6 and c1) wanting; without the last blank leaf (S8)

University of Chicago Library’s copy imperfect: lacking first four leaves (title page and index) and final blank leaf; first four leaves replaced with photostat copies Record the presence of a case or portfolio not issued with the manifestation in a note on extent of item if considered important (see Extent of manifestation, 6.21.4285.1). Make a note on extent of item when the number of physical units in which an item is bound differs from the number in which it was actually issued if considered important (see Extent of manifestation, 6.21.431.3).

LC copy bound in four physical volumes and interleaved with a Latin translation of Plutarch’s Lives

Grolier Club’s copy bound in four volumes

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