9.425.1 Element information

9.425.1.1 Link to RDA Toolkit

9.425.1.2 Sources of information

9.425.2 RDA definition and scope

9.425.2.1 The circumstances under which an item is directly acquired, including a method, source, and date of acquisition.

9.425.25.1 See Custodial history of item for instructions on recording a fuller history of the item’s provenance.

9.425.3 General rule

9.425.3.1 Record details of an item’s immediate source of acquisition if considered important. Record method of acquisition (e.g., gift, purchase, deposit, transfer) and the donor or source (i.e., the immediate prior custodian). In addition, the donor’s relationship to the item may be indicated. Include the year or years of acquisition.

Gift from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Jan. 9, 1950

Sold at Christie’s, 5 July 2016, Sale 11787, Lot 73, to Andrew Edmunds for The Lewis Walpole Library

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