9.45.1 Element information Link to RDA Toolkit Sources of information

9.45.2 RDA definition and scope An item that is physically combined or joined with an item.

9.45.21 DCRMR elaboration of scope Use this relationship element to reference the related items bound together subsequent to publication. See On carrier unit with for manifestations issued together by the publisher on the same carrier.

9.45.3 General rule Record this relationship as a structured note, beginning with the words “bound with” followed by a colon. List the related items, in the order in which they are found. List all related items in the description for the first item and, in general, only the first item in the descriptions for the subsequent items. For each item listed, give only the elements listed below:

a) The RDA Creator agent of work (see RDA Toolkit: Creator agent of work); normally give this element first, usually in access point form (e.g., with inversion of personal names under surname, but not necessarily including personal birth/death dates, corporate qualifiers, etc.)

b) The Title proper as found in the description for the manifestation; long titles may be shortened by omitting words after the first five (or, if the Title proper begins with an article, the first six words). Use the mark of omission. If the preferred title of work is considered useful for the identification of the work, record it within square brackets preceding the title of manifestation

c) The primary Statement of responsibility relating to title proper as recorded in the description for the manifestation, unless it already recorded as RDA Creator agent of work or is exceedingly lengthy (see RDA Toolkit: Creator agent of work)

d) The Publication statement as found in the description for the manifestation, abridged as necessary, without using the mark of omission

Library copy bound with: Duns Scotus, John. Incipit scriptu[m] sup[er] Primo sente[n]tia[rum] editum a fratre Joanne Duns. [Venice] : [Joannis de Colonia, Nicolai Jenson, Joannes de Selgenstat], [10 November 1481]

Library copy bound with: Kiepert, H. Supplementheft zum Atlas von Hellas und den hellenischen Colonien. Berlin : Verlag der Nicolaischen Buchhandlung, 1851 If it is considered that the items are too numerous to be listed exhaustively, make a Note on item (see Optionally, record an RDA Access point for item for the related item in addition to the note (see RDA Toolkit: Access point for item).

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