0.3.1 General rule For the following elements, transcribe information from the manifestation itself in the language and script (wherever feasible) in which it appears there. “Script” does not refer to writing styles such as gothic, italic, secretary hand, etc., but to a writing system: an alphabet, syllabary, logographic system, etc.

  • Title
  • Statement of responsibility
  • Edition statement
  • Publication statement
  • Distribution statement
  • Manufacture statement
  • Series statement For guidance on transcribing pre-modern letterforms and symbols see 0.4.15.

For additional guidance on transcribing characters that cannot be reproduced using the MARC-8 character set, see LC-PCC PS 1.4. Give interpolations into these elements in the language and script of the other information in the element, except for prescribed interpolations and other cases specified in these instructions (e.g.,, 5.21.325.2,, If the other information in the element is romanized, give interpolations according to the same romanization system. Give any other information (except titles, citations, signatures, and quotations in notes) in the language and script of the cataloging agency.

0.3.2 Romanization If it is not feasible to transcribe an element in the script used on the manifestation, romanize the text according to the ALA-LC Romanization Tables. Do not enclose the romanized text within square brackets. Always make a note on Details of script to indicate that the romanized text appears in nonroman script (see

Transcription: Dionysiou oikoumenēs periēgēsis
Note on title: Title in Greek script

Source: Hendecasyllabωn
Transcription: Hendecasyllabōn
Note on title: The ō in the word “Hendecasyllabōn” is printed in Greek script Optionally, if it is feasible to transcribe from the manifestation using a nonroman script, also provide parallel elements with the romanized text using the ALA-LC Romanization Tables. Do not enclose the romanized text within square brackets, but make a note indicating that the romanization does not appear in the preferred source of information.

Note on manifestation: Romanization supplied by cataloger

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